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    What is CCE software?

    The web based Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) software from Integral Solutions helps CBSE affiliated schools to upgrade to the format prescribed by CBSE. The software converts marks to respective grades, generates report cards as per CBSE guidelines, manages workflow and acts as a repository for student and teacher data.

    What are the modules available in CCE software?

    The following modules are available in Integral Web School CCE Software:

    Why should we take CCE Software for our school?

    Integral Solutions’ Integral Web School CCE software helps schools to cut down working hours of the staff and increases their efficiency, therefore the staff can use that time for other important academic tasks and welfare of students and supporting management. Also with CCE Software 80% of expense of the organization on stationary is reduced thereby bringing the ROI within first 6 months of implementation.

    How can we implement the CCE Software?

    As soon as we receive the formal request for the software, within 7 days a dedicated team of engineers will provide login ids for relevant admin personnel who can distribute
    ids to teachers. Shortly after that a highly qualified team of CCE experts will conduct training sessions for the staff members or each department respective to their modules. Data entry work will be the responsibility of the school licensing the software.

    How will we get support from Integral Solutions Solutions?

    Integarl Solutions engineers are available on all working days between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on phone & emails. Any kind of bug or error or problem in the software will be attended within the defined SLA and solved within 3 days at max.

    Is this a ready to use product?

    Integral Web School CCE software is a complete, fully functional web-based software solution which can be purchased & will be ready to use within minutes.

    Will you provide technical or functional upgrades?

    If CBSE updates its guidelines, all those changes would be reflected in the system and we will provide complete support and training for the same. Also we will provide technical upgrades as and when required. All this would be offered as the part of the package.

    Can we export reports to Microsoft Word or Excel format?

    Yes, the reporting format of Integral Web School CCE software is very flexible and the reports can be easily exported into formats like .docx, .xlsx.

    How secure is the data of our school in CCE software?

    CCE software comes with 100% security of your precious data and information. Our technical teams takes periodic backups of data on behalf of all schools and keeps it secure in a password protected secure data warehouse.

    What about staff training?

    We provide in comprehensive staff training to teachers/administrators. Phone support is also available as a part of the package.

    What is the cost of the software?

    There is a per student annual license cost that depends on the number of students as defined in our slabs. For a quick quote, please fill the inquiry form available on the website or drop us a mail at Integralwebschool.com. You can alternatively get in touch with our sales team at +91-9310051000.

    Integral Solutions is responsible for periodic data backups and
    support in case of any technical issues. Admin and teacher training will
    also be provided by Integral Solutions.